Panerai presents a special edition, made in only 19 examples, of the new submersible Mike Horn edition, which will offer its owners the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience in learning about nature and how to safeguard it, in the company of the legendary explorer and Panerai ambassador.

Mike Horn has two spirits: the free one, adventurous and determined to overcome every obstacle, and the other, his commitment to contribute to saving the planet he loves, making him an ambassador of what he has seen in the course of his decades of exploration. The limited edition version (19 examples) of the new Panerai Submersible Mike Horn Edition will offer its owners the opportunity to learn about these two spirits by undergoing an experience unique in the world: a few days of intensive training with Mike among the ice floes of the Arctic, a chance to put themselves to the test and to confront nature and its challenges, but also to become personally aware of the dangers to our ecosystem caused by the impact of humans.

The 19 examples of this limited edition of the Panerai Submersible Mike Horn Edition, available only in the Panerai boutiques throughout the world, are distinguished from those in the collection not only by the exceptional experience to which they give access but also by those details which make the watch different and unique: the blue of the strap, made of a special material obtained from recycled PET, and the blue of the luminous substance used on the dial and the rotating bezel. A blue first used by Panerai, which recalls the sea, and it is the ideal colour for celebrating the love of Mike Horn and Panerai for this element.