Rolex Official Retailer - Pendulum
Rolex Official Retailer - Pendulum

Rolex and Pendulum


Pendulum has been leading the way as the premier watch destination in Chiang Mai, solidifying its position as Northern Thailand’s leading retailer in luxury watches. Strategically located in the heart of Chiang Mai, Pendulum brings the rich heritage of Rolex to the historic city, cultivating a deep appreciation of horology to a wide spectrum of local and international customers alike.

Luxury Purveyors

Setting their sights to reinvent luxury watch retail in Thailand, two visionaries – Khun Yuki Srikarnchana and Khun Mondakhan Kridakon – introduced the country’s first multi-brand luxury watch boutique, Pendulum, in 1992. At a time when watches were often associated with jewellery, an intrinsic partnership was created to bridge the gap between mechanical movements and artisanal masterpieces.

The story unfolds in 2017 when Pendulum opened its first Rolex boutique in Chiang Mai. Since then, the shared passion for an unrivalled reputation between Rolex and Pendulum has propelled them to become Northern Thailand’s leading luxury watch retailer.    

Our History - Pendulum | Rolex Official Retailer

Monumental Milestone

Immerse yourself into the world of Rolex at the 1,080 sqft boutique in Chiang Mai. Located within the prime address of Central Festival, the boutique offers both locals and tourists a refined shopping experience that promotes a sense of harmony, discretion and intimacy with the brand. Staying true to Rolex’s rich heritage, every element of the interior design radiates the values of the Rolex crown. Lounge in comfort while our experienced staff take you on a journey to discover the illustrious history behind Rolex.

Our History - Pendulum | Rolex Official Retailer

The Land of Smiles

Experience the warmth of Thai hospitality like no other at Pendulum Chiang Mai. Having set the gold standard for excellence since 2017, be assured that our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way in selecting the watch that best suit your needs and style. Discover our extensive collection of Rolex timepieces, or engage in a riveting discourse on horology with one of our knowledgeable team of experts. Alternatively, take this journey further by connecting with us virtually through our website, and browse our diverse collection prior to booking your appointment – all in the comforts of your own home.

Our History - Pendulum | Rolex Official Retailer

Pendulum Ltd Today

Rolex is renowned for its technical innovation and constant pursuit of excellence. A tale of fascinating achievements, spanning across horological artistry and human adventure. Today, we honour the Swiss watchmaker’s remarkable feats, through a partnership that not only serves as an enduring symbol of prestige, but also epitomises exceptional craftsmanship and precision. As part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers – authorised to sell and maintain Rolex timepieces – we offer unparalleled customer service, matched only by our deep understanding of watchmaking. Paired alongside a world-class shopping experience, let us guide you on a memorable Rolex journey and help you make a choice that will last a lifetime.

Our History - Pendulum | Rolex Official Retailer Our History - Pendulum | Rolex Official Retailer